so visa, being the bastards they are, went and got me a digital pointer/shooter combo.
Being so, I welcome you to the first American Wookies episode of CRIBS.

the Wookie owns a Rembrandt.
the lair where it isn't neccesary to wear your ammo belt.
my roommates, Sergio Mendes and his friends in the forest.

Im off for now, theres a wicked rad full moon kegger on Endor.

DIY wookie slide. wheelero - this is an old picture but that board hauled. just so you know.


not too long ago on a planet that you're on right now, existed a documentaion, nay, a way of life. this way of life was shown to all of us and it shined so brightly for not nearly long enough. opportunity for naysayers to bring down the gold age was imminent. only the dreams of one could carry on that dream into a reality. American Wookie.