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Just rip apart that ugly mug and bang it till your dead!

No end to the genius that is Municipal Waste.


Athletes Foot

I don't know if I had ever had this discussion with you. Maybe you skateboard or do 'sports'. Im sure most of you at one point have endured foot sweat. Sometimes when you have been exposed to a little too much foot sweat, you enter into the Athlete's Foot realm. It is neither comfortable or awesome, but does make for some extremely good itching opportunities. There is a proven, age-old remedy/technique for aiding, healing, and/or curing your athletes foot. Some of you who Ive had this conversation with before did not believe that this technique would work, rest assured, it is the ailment. Pee on your feet.
"Keep those babies dry. End the day by pissing on your feet in the shower. That kills the fungus. Good luck."--Rickk Howard, Professional Skateboarder.


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