I scream, you scream

The 2nd annual C1RCA Canada camp trip. This year through the interior, wasnt as hot as last years on the island. Good parks, great skating, cold beers, wild rivers, shallow pools, scummy dudes. What more could a crusty land rat ask for?

Conrete Skateboarding will be following up with an article later this year and a short video documentation will be released shortly on all rat-related websites!

diary of a scab

Exactly what it sounds like. I couldn't have made this post possible without these contributing factors: Bomb H., Drunk Mike, Bikes with no brakes and only one gear, Beer that has 710 ml in each canister X 2, the beach, salt water, infectious diseases, antibodies, limbs, sand, tourists, anticipation of stoop bbq's, days off, 50 spf, won ton soup, budwieser merch, piling out and blowing it.
day 1 - no prrrrooblem!
day 2 - sure! lets go to the lake, looking good!

day 3 - damn...that lake fucked up my leg.
day 5 - still pussing.
Sorry about making you puke in your own mouth then swallow it again. Well, see ya.

Curse of the Irish

This is an ode to Sam McGlynn. He sent me a reel cause he wanted to c0-star in 'Piles like Us 2: Two Parrots'.

He also does sound effects; seen above, Machine Gun.

What? I'm Irish.