The Bell Tolls For Thee

I don't like eric clapton. I like some of the things he's done and played on, but it should be known that I believe he's a douche. It's the least interesting guitar playing since...ever. Cream, yeah good jams. Blues Breakers, pretty much fucking awesome, but only because John Mayall is shred law...Not John Mayer. John Fucking Mayall. There is one album, though, that will have play in my house, and I don't even know why. Long jams? not that. Whiney steve windwood vocals? couldn't be. Maybe it's the way-ahead-of-it's-time-controversially-speaking-teenie-bopper-kitty-porn album cover? Probably. you be the judge.

So there it is. That little girl must be like 14. Nice work Eric Clapton you dick. I do quite like it though(not in a peder-ass kind of way).

Here's another cool one. Big thanks to Uli John Roth ripping so hard or else I might never have seen this.

this is some unacceptable shit. what kind of symbolism is that? The Scorpions shatter 11 year olds vaginas? perfect bulls-eye, Uli. What the fuck. Less is more.


Sorry to Disappoint


I'm going to a christmas staff party tonight. I don't have a camera right now cause it's on the fritz. I wonder if I should dress up? Maybe I'll wear what I wore all day? perhaps I'll wear the same thing tomorrow? Hell, it's only wednesday anyways. Then it came to me...