Final Countdown

Look out berlin! Beers, the Techno Viking and I are going to do things the hard way, and not even going to dot i's or cross t's. I just discovered the drummers name from Lynard Skynard was Artimus Pyle. You could really do a lot with a name like that...like pyle out.


on the air

i love newscasters. nice subtle recovery too.


Japanese Spiderman


Turkish Superman

Indian Superman and Spiderwoman

Full Speed

Skate boarding on a treadmill. - Watch more free videos

Obviously full speed, you're on a skate, on a treadmill. What's the worst that could happen. I'm sure if you don't go full speed, everyone in school's going to know you're a pussy. Even if you did go full speed and slipped out, it's not like you'd hang on still. You've got more common sense then that.


10 ft vert.