for the past 3 months Ive been seeing total grey.

about bloody time! strathcona with coupla princesses.

philidelphia phil was on fire. he couldn't wait to try his fakie maneauvers again and again, running all over the park.

after adam did any and every 360 over the hip(no-comply 180 revert, above) he took us to his mini across the street in his garage. this thing is the result of hard work and skilled craftsmanship. one side nice chunky coping, the other, some serious unwaxed fucking bricks. raw!

drunk mike, snill, spike, daniello and cassidy ripped while I tried to remember how to use one of these.

got thristy after not working a lot and skating all day. the lamplighter's got cold ones.
haaaaen! haaeeeeeeeen!