Mont Royal Avec Fromage

I went to Montreal with some of my favourite dudes, Maguns and Scooter, with hope of seeing some other good dudes that I don't see in Vancouver. Bumped into Joey Williams in the Toronto Pearson Airport. Saw some Jackson St. connects too, Wade Fyfe was doing beers. No blog ops for those dudes though. Here's a random display of things I saw, in no order. I can't wait to go back."What exactly do you thrash?" Chrissy
"What do ya got..." Corey Webster
Cyrus was on fire, he was 'emceeing' the contest, I was psyched to see him rip into some french dill weeds(not you, of course), not to mention indian fried bread, Manic Bannock.
What else could I say about Danny? Not a hair shy of Cent Percent!

Copped me a new whip, whatup Cloontang!

Did stuff that was skate related...
Creepy Colin gets wierd on some handpoles.
Walker and roller
My kinda place, place, place.

The Main.
Doo doo, danny?
I don't know why Frodo and Samwise walked to Mordor. From Montreal, by air, it only took like 4 hours. We didn't stop though, just kept going to Vancouver.

Well, see ya later.


The Nature of Things

Follow me into the humid suburbs of Brossard, just past the plains of Montreal, beside the parking lot of Village de Valeurs. We kept watch from 3 inches, behind some blades of grass, by the curb, so we weren't to be detected. They went about their ritualistic mating dance as we watched in awe. Behold, the Ladybug.