Yeah I just beat SARS. Pretty sweet I know. Thanks for all the support. So there I am, feeling quite pleasant about my recent victory against the evil SARS. I was still a little tuckered out from the battle so I turn on the television to it's pre-set channel 8, Global TV, to have a relaxing time taking in some brain melting non-sense. It doesn't take a lot, with one channel, there's no flicking around, so there I sat watching whatever was on, which happened to be 'The News'. It was great because I hadn't actually watched 'The News' for some time and I thought 'hey what a great way to catch up on current events'. As I watched I learned that there were no current events other then Swine Flu. There weren't any squirrels waterskiing or homeless making scrap metal into furniture and earning millions. So I was led to believe the only thing happening in our world right now is the Swine Flu...That's ok, I beat SARS, bring it on you fuckin PIGS! I'm sad that there were deaths reported in Mexico. I know some mexicans. I got upset when I learned that there were illnesses in Canada. Im Canadian, you know? But what the fuck! Everybody gets the Flu. I bet there are 100 people in BC with a flu right now, just barfing out both ends. 
Pandemic...'81 people dead in mexico...3 people sick in BC...1 sick in Toronto..." etc. Is there not 81 people that die in mexico every morning, solely because they live in mexico? I mean, the quality of life down there is pretty spot on. Don't they have the #1 healthcare in the Universe? Last time I went to mexico I was amazed at how healthy everyone was and how clean everything appeared to be. There were even public bathing pools on the side of the roads. The cool thing too, is that the whole family would bathe there in the pool, even their pet dead cow

Look outside fuckers. Do you see meteorites raping nuns on the churches doorstep? well if you do it's time to panic. but I only saw that once and don't think it'll happen again for a while so get a beer and go skate or paint a picture of gandhi rolling in tall grass with kittens or whatever.