as if lingerie were running for president. this is some racey stuff.

up for grabs

beerface and shook, piling.
took a walk on the wildside, by recommendation.

closed down hotel. major street in vancouvers downtown. still dormant. not for long??

ya dude hes a pervert

Went to Beer's Berlin going away party, pretty much just cause I knew there were going to beers there. Redic night really. but found a pool that may one day soon be skateable. lots of sightings this night. I was pretty much doubling up all night with my bud Jack. Hes a total guy. uhm..skated all day and dranks beers on saturday...not gay at all. pretty much the most not gay weekend of all time.
this dude was there when I got there, looks like he'd bin there for a while.

krazy karl likes it.

mmmmscott likes it too. beat it ya doitch.

day twoo. beers/steaks/idiots.

coon hunter got himself a bigone!

ronny and buckholes sighting
saw off the big beer himself. have fun scumshit!

rediasolitis, dandan yo, and ron all to see off the guy.